Technology-enabled culture

Technology moves fast, what was high end and cutting edge yesterday might not be that groundbreaking 6 months from now. How do you keep up?

As a response to this, in agile, we want to cultivate a technology-enabled culture where we enable you to cultivate a mindset and decision making culture that will ensure you choose the right technology for your company over and over again. 

This can be the journey towards exploring how blockchain can be beneficial in your business model or how to create entirely new products or services for your customers. 

If you want to have a technology-enabled culture you must allocate time for innovation.

Tools to create a technology-enabled culture:

  • UnConference, an UnConference is a meeting place that is created where people can come together, learn, and get inspired. The participants choose the agenda themselves and they address things that they feel that matter to them. It’s a great format for sharing and learning. 
  • Hackathon. A hackathon can be internal or external. You create a great learning and innovative environment where people can create awesome products while having fun. 

The key is that it shouldn’t be controlled and it shouldn’t be too tightly knit with the organization itself. You should give people the freedom to develop what they actually think is fun. 

  • Maximizing 10 percent of your time. This means that you allocate 10 percent of every employee’s time to work on their own products related to work, for example, two Friday’s a month.
  • Interns and graduates. Having interns and graduates is very common, but many companies and people send them off to get coffee, lunch, or do simple tasks like printing. 

Don’t be one of these companies or people. Enjoy and use their enthusiasm, their engagement, their curiosity, and their brain on something that’s actually useful. It will also add a lot of energy and inspiration to the organization. 

Lastly, remember that innovation and motivation to create something great doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Motivation is created through action, so get started on setting aside time and you’ll reap great results. 

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Next steps

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