Welcome to agile couple! Home to all things agile.

The agile couple was started in the summer of 2020 as a reaction to poor organizational cultures, ancient leadership styles, and low employee happiness.

On our quest to create better organizations with happier employees we have created 2 courses on Udemy, read more about these in the courses section.

Below is the promo video for our latest course:

We see a movement all over the world, where people want more humane organizations that value the humans that make up the organization rather than shareholder revenue.

We believe both are possible! Actually, we believe that happy people make even better products!

This is what we are exploring and want to share with you!

We have an agile podcast in Norwegian, Smidigpodden, we create courses, write blog posts, attend conferences, meetups, and the like to share and discuss several topics within the agile sphere.

On this site we’ll publish bloggposts, links to all our courses, and other resources.

We hope you find it interesting and useful.