Agile & Digital Transformation Masterclass: Agile Culture

Agile Transformation Masterclass: learn how you can use agile principles to reach your organization’s full potential!

This is our most extensive course so far! Almost 4 hours and 22 classes!

As you know, agile is quickly becoming the highest priority for businesses around the globe.

But how can agile help you create better products, happier workplaces, and in return get more loyal customers?

Achieving this is not a one-stop-shop, nor does it exist a silver bullet.

But by turning to research and science we discover and learn what works for organizations, teams, and individuals. By applying research to how we think about leadership, organizational structures, goal setting we get access to a whole new world of insight and knowledge.

Join us and you will start your agile journey right now!

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This course is built around the 5 trademarks of an agile organization developed by McKinsey. We dig into each one of these to understand what they mean for your organization.

We have done our best to create a great course where we address key elements of agile. As you will see throughout the course this is neither a one-stop-shop nor will this course give you an agile framework to implement. Simply because this doesn’t exist. Rather, we want to give you the knowledge and tools to go back to your organization and work with agile principles, methods, and culture the way it works for you.

When you are done with this course you will have a thorough understanding of agile, its principles, and mechanisms. You’ll be ready to take on new challenges and start your and your organization’s agile journey.