Tobias Falkberger

Tobias is Director of People and Culture at RiksTV, Norway’s most agile company. Tobias has over 12 years of experience with building, leading, coaching, and working with and in agile teams.

As a member of RiksTV’s Executive Management team, he is pushing the flywheel, preaching about transparency, collaboration, and growth. Coaching teams and leaders to high performance. Tobias is both a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

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Presentations and talks

From dinosaur to gaselle, an agile journey HR Norway

(presentation is in Norwegian)

Tobias Falkberger, director of People, Culture and Operations at RiksTV, spoke about the journey RiksTV has been on. From being a silo-focused organization that was little interested in the holistic picture, to where they are today.

RiksTV has moved at great speed from being organized as a traditional organization with traditional management to having autonomous teams. Through this, they have gained better access to expertise across the business.

Along the way, they have seen that it is at least as important that the organization can be self-organizing. Otherwise, there is a risk that the teams will become the new silos. Such an organization needs leaders, but not managers (bosses). Tobias pointed out that leaders have a mentoring role, who has a coaching style.

Smidigkonferansen (“Agile conference”) in 2016

Presentation is in Norwegian

Interviews and articles

Tobias has been interviewed in several newspapers and magazines. Among them Ukeavisen Ledelse og Ledernytt. Both being Norwegian leadership newspapers/magazines.

Interview with HR Norway

In Norwegian: Lederne må selv leve den bedriftskulturen de ønsker / Leaders must lead by example